A Google-per miatt áll a bál az Epic Games és az Activision Blizzard között kép

The battle between Epic Games and Activision Blizzard over Google’s lawsuit

In its lawsuit against Google, Epic Games made statements about Activision that the latter called impossible.

Back in the summer of 2020, Epic Games, the company behind Fortnite and Unreal Engine, sued Google and Apple for their alleged monopolistic position with the Play Store and App Store, court proceedings are still ongoing, which has now caused some Stress. in the gaming world.

Epic Games claims in its latest filing with its lawsuit against Google that the search giant paid Activision Blizzard to stop it from launching a competing app store, completely blowing the fuse for the publishing developer preparing to acquire Microsoft.

Epic wrote exactly how Activision Blizzard had previously considered launching its own mobile distribution platform, which would have provided better working conditions for developers than the Google Play Store. So the search giant put up an offer of $360 million to Activision to stop the process, to which the latter said yes, and the amount was paid over 3 years.

And Epic didn’t stop there, according to the plaintiff, Riot Games, the publisher and developer of League of Legends, made a similar settlement with Google, making an 8-figure payment. So the accusation is primarily directed at the search giant, but because of the Microsoft acquisition Trampling in Competition Authority Investigations Understandably, Activision has taken it upon themselves, and has vigorously denied Epic’s allegations.

“Epic is accusing Google partner Activision Blizzard of paying us not to compete with them. To be clear, that’s not true. Google has never asked, pressured, or coerced us not to compete with them — and we’ve already sent documents and testimonials refuting that inability.”

wrote on Twitter Lulu Cheng Meservy, Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Activision.

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Epic will not have an easy time proving claims unless they have their own documentation or recordings to back it up. Incidentally, Activision Blizzard is present in the mobile scene with, among others, the amazingly successful Candy Crush series and also the hugely successful Call of Duty Mobile, and in May Call of Duty Warzone Phone Edition. Call of Duty Warzone Phone version very.

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