Marad a felmondási tilalom az egészségügyben, mégis sokan elmennek

The ban on segregation in healthcare remains, yet many are leaving

However, no one can be forcibly detained, and colleagues can be sickly paid, which is even worse for the employer, because in this case they cannot take anyone to their place – said Adriana Seuss, head of the Hungarian Chamber of Healthcare Professionals. ATV vehicleto.

At the beginning of the epidemic, there was a lot of cooperation for health workers, and today they don’t feel that support.

“No one can be forcibly disabled, so many colleagues are so physical and mental that they can safely go to satisfactory payments if the employer does not leave them. However, this will make everyone worse because the employee will not work in the healthcare field anywhere and he cannot The employer hires anyone instead, ”Adrianna Soós, President of FESZ, described the situation of ATV Híradó’s healthcare workers.

In his view, freedom of movement and room should be granted to workers who have not signed the employment relationship, and so should the workers’ benefits and allowances.

“If these restrictive measures are maintained, this should be demonstrated as soon as possible so that the practitioner is not subject to a coercive decision and does not feel that he is still cut off for him,” said Zoltan Balogh, a Hungarian health specialist. The president is from the ATV newsroom. According to the expert, the measures are also urgent because efforts must be made to ensure that colleagues who are now graduating from schools do not start their lives as graduates.

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