The auto giant has bought a Hungarian startup

The auto giant has bought a Hungarian startup

Stellantis has announced the acquisition of Budapest-based aiMotive, which develops self-driving software.

the agreement Based on the relevant advertisement It contributes to the further development of Stellantis’ artificial intelligence and core self-driving technology, expands the expertise and knowledge available to the company, and through all this promotes the medium-term development of the new STLA AutoDrive platform. Stellantis, which was created in October last year by the merger of Italian-American Fiat Chrysler and French PSA, already has He announced an investment of $35 billion To develop software solutions related to electric mobility (production of batteries) or new types of mobility.

Head of the respective software business, Yves Bonfont The acquisition of AI and self-driving technology from aiMotive will be an important contribution to transforming Stellantis into a sustainable mobility technology company. He described aiMotive’s expertise as class-leading and expressed hope that the startup’s spirit will accelerate the implementation of the company’s strategic plan announced under the title Dare Forward 2030.

They are ahead of the curve in many ways

In this announcement, four elements of aiMotive’s suite of technology products in key areas of artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicle development are highlighted. These are aiDrive (embedded software package for self-driving), aiData (artificial intelligence and data tools), aiWare (chip expertise and intellectual property), and aiSim (software simulation), according to their added value to Stellantis’ portfolio. Regarding the acquisition, they also recall the software strategy Stellantis announced last December, which is expected to generate an annual revenue increase of about 20 billion euros by the end of the decade.

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Although aiMotive is headquartered in Budapest, it now has offices in Germany, the United States and Japan with more than 200 highly skilled employees worldwide. The A startup company launched in 2015 In the future, it will operate as a subsidiary of Stellantis, while maintaining its operational independence and corporate culture. The founder of the company is still the CEO Laszlo Chishonte (right in the photo) will be managed, and the company will continue to sell many items of its existing product suite to other partners. Completion of the acquisition is subject to the usual closing conditions, including the satisfaction of antitrust requirements.

A few years ago, aiMotive did too He made it to that top list Following a $37.9 million funding round raised by CBInsights for the best-funded startups in Europe. About the press conference on the possibilities of emerging Hungarian auto companies We reported in this article.

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