The Australian and Dutch women’s turf players have been flawlessly closed

The Australian and Dutch teams also won their last group match on Saturday of the women’s turf tournament at the Tokyo Olympics, finishing first with an impeccable performance.

The Netherlands will meet New Zealand in the quarter-finals (Image: Getty Images)

The Dutch, who reached the finals of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, this time beat the Germans bronze five years ago and will face New Zealand in the top eight. The British defender won the last match of the group stage against the Irish: the former will face the Spaniards in the quarter-finals, and the losers will be eliminated.

In Group B, the Australians defeated Argentina in the final and will play India in the quarter-finals.

The first four groups advanced.

Tokyo 2020
women, basketball
Group Circle, 5th (last) round
the group
India and South Africa 4-3
Netherlands – Germany 3-1
Great Britain and Ireland 2-0
Group A final score: 1. Netherlands 15 points 2. Germany 12 points 3. Great Britain 9 points 4. India 6 points. 5. Ireland 3 points 6. South Africa 0 points

group b
China and New Zealand 3-2
Spain-Japan 4-1
Australia – Argentina 2-0
The end result of the first group: 1. Australia 15 points 2. Spain 9 points (9-8) 3. Argentina 9 points (8-8) 4. New Zealand 6 points (8-7), 5. China 6 points (9-16) 6. Japan 0 points

Quarterly conjunctions (Monday, August 2)
Netherlands and New Zealand
Spain and Great Britain
Germany and Argentina
Australia and India

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