The ATP Cup: Djokovic withdrew, Germany is among the four

The German team defeated the Serb defenders in a major battle, reaching the semifinals of the ATP Cup in Melbourne, MTI reported.


Djokovic trailing the Germans (Photo: AFP)

World leader Novak Djokovic and seventh seed Alexander Zverev won the match in three matches, followed by Jan Lennard Struve in a three-set battle to defeat Dusan Lyovic. In the doubles match, which was crucial to the advance, the Germans were victorious in the short final.

In Group B the Spaniards had enough to win the match, and the defeat was generally enough for them to be among the top four.

German, Russian, Italian, and Spanish matches will be played in the semi-finals.

In the ATP Cup, 12 teams began fights in four groups, with the first-placed team reaching the semi-finals. Total prize pool of the match is $ 7.5 million.

ATP-KUPA (Melbourne)
the group
Germany-Serbia 2-1

Alexander Zverev-Novak Djokovic 7: 6 (7-3), 2: 6, 5: 7
Jan Lennard Struve– Doosan Lauvix 3: 6, 6: 3, 6: 4
Struve, Zverev-Nikola xxxxx, Djokovic 7: 6 (7-4), 5: 7, 10-7
The final result of the group: 1. (and advanced) Germany 2 wins / 0 defeat, 2. Serbia 1/1, 3. Canada 0/2

Group B.
Greece 2-1 Spain

Mihail Pervolarakisz–Pablo Carreno 3: 6, 4: 6
Stefanos Sebas– Roberto Bautista 7: 5, 7: 5
Sebach, Marcus CalophilonesCarino, Marcel Granollers 1-0, the Spaniards surrender
The final result of the group: 1. (and ahead) Spain 1 win / 1 defeat (4-2), 2 – Greece 1/1 (3–3), 3. Australia 1/1 (2-4)


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