Ungvári Attila (fehér) a kazah Didar Hamza ellen küzd a budapesti cselgáncs Grand Slam-verseny 81 kilogrammos súlycsoportjának első fordulójában a Papp László Budapest Sportarénában 2020. október 24-én. A kazah versenyző leszorítással nyert.

The Athletics World Cup in Budapest will be sporty and important

Gabor Banchel said that the qualifying Olympic Games World Championships will kick off in Budapest next Sunday, which will be one of the toughest world tournaments ever. According to the federal captain of the men’s national team, the event will also be athletic in the sense that there was no World Cup before the Olympics. The European Championships, the World Cup and the Olympics take place in about half a year, which means that the year will be fun for the sport.

The manager explained that since the World Cup gives so many world rankings, the goal might be to keep the positions and fight for better positions.

“For men, having a medal and a place to score would be wonderful,” said Gabor Banchel.

He also said who could do this:

  • Olympic silver medalist Miklós Ungvári is preparing for his last race at the age of 40, and his goal is to leave the tatami with his head held high, but it won’t be an easy task as the 73 kg field is strong.
  • And his brother Attila is expected to perform well. “He’s on a good pass, his power of movement has changed, he’s been driving through the training camps and shooting his opponents.”
  • At 90 kg, Krisztián Tóth always had the chance to perform well.
  • A breakthrough from the weight of 100 kg Miklós Cirjenics is also expected
  • Vég Zsombor, described by the captain as a young and agile rider, also starts out in this weight class.
  • Richárd Sipőcz, +100, has yet to find its way back to its previous level after coronavirus disease, and the goal may be decent standing, but the field is not very strong in this weight group.
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Currently, Krisztián Tóth (90 kg, fourth place in the world ranking), Attila Ungvári (81 kg, 19), Miklós Cirjenics (100 kg, 28 – continental ration) are in place with the Tokyo quota.

Opening image: MTI / Tamás Kovács

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