The arrival of the soldiers in turn to the eastern flank of NATO – the British elite unit was received in Poland

Britain will send more troops to Poland on Monday Ben Wallace It was announced by the British Defense Minister after London Blaszczakdiscuss.

The Polish Minister of National Defense emphasized at a press conference held in Warsaw on the occasion of the arrival of British soldiers: British Elite, Royal Marines Organ installation

Significantly enhance security in the eastern flank of NATO.

Blaszczak said that Warsaw considers it a sign of solidarity among NATO countries 1700 US soldiers In addition, British soldiers are also arriving.

He noted the presence of British soldiers in the ranks of the international NATO battalion stationed in Poland since 2016, and since the end of last year, hundreds of British military experts have been helping to strengthen border control facilities at the Polish-Belarus border.

British soldiers are reportedly participating in joint exercises with the Poles, as well as supporting their Polish partners in contingency planning and capacity building related to the consolidation of Russian armed forces on Ukraine’s borders.

He’s negotiating in Warsaw in the afternoon Boris Johnson British Prime Minister.

Cover photo: A US Air Force C-17 transport aircraft after landing at Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport in southeastern Poland on February 8, 2022. The aircraft has arrived in Poland on a mission to reinforce NATO’s eastern flank. The United States is sending a force of 1,700 troops and equipment from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, to Poland due to Russian-Ukrainian tensions. MTI / EPA-PAP / Darek Delmanovicz

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