The arrival date of Google Pixel 7 models has been revealed

The arrival date of Google Pixel 7 models has been revealed

So far it can be guessed that the Google Pixel 7 hardware will debut sometime in the fall. While the big competitor, Apple, usually unveils the latest iPhones in September, Google is scheduling the presentation of its new flagship phones in October, and according to the latest information, it doesn’t want to change that habit this year either. thanks for the FrontPageTechWe know exactly when Google mobile phones can be pre-ordered and when distribution will start.

The information is said to come from highly reliable sources that predicted the Pixel 6 premiere of last year with complete accuracy. These insiders know it Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro will be available for pre-order on October 6 and shipping will begin on October 13. Although the exact date of the presentation is not mentioned by the sources, it is likely that it will also be October 6, perhaps a day or two earlier.

So the search giant insists on starting October of this year, but if these predictions are accurate, then the first Google Pixel of this year will be presented a few weeks earlier compared to last year. Although Google Pixel 7 models had already been shown at the annual developers conference in May, Google employees were far from fully shooting for gunpowder.

Until the day of the presentation, there will definitely be leaks with the Pixel 7 phones in the main role, but we can expect surprises on that very day in October. What has appeared so far in relation to smartphones, You can read it by clicking on this link!

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source: GSMArena

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