The archenemy of America has sent a message that the economic monopoly of the United States must be abolished

At the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in Uzbekistan, Raisi called for the expansion of free trade among the member states of the organization as well as financial and banking cooperation.

The SCO should adopt new solutions and take concrete measures against tough and unilateral US sanctions, for example by developing sustainable trade between member states.

– Tell Main.

Tehran, which is seeking to bypass the economic isolation imposed by US sanctions, signed a memorandum of commitment on Thursday to become a permanent member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

Russia and China assign a serious global role to the Asian Security Organization they founded, which expanded four years ago to include India, the world’s second most populous country. In addition to the member states of the former Soviet Union that have remained in Russia’s circle of interest, India, Pakistan, China and now Iran are in the organization – according to experts – to form a united bloc against the Western world centered around the United States.

Iran and the United States, brokered by the European Union, worked to renew the nuclear agreement concluded in 2015, but was terminated in 2018 by former US President Donald Trump. Washington desperately needed the deal because of the peaceful limitation of Iran’s nuclear weapons, the European Union badly needed the deal because of Iran’s crude oil production, while Tehran’s main goal was to break out of its economic isolation. .

With the accession agreement just signed, the prospects for renewing the nuclear deal have been reduced to a bare minimum.

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Cover image source: Mostafa Maraji/ wiki Commons

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