The apartment seal broke into the apartment and shocked the “housekeeper” in New Zealand

The Ross family from Mount Maunganui were surprised when they found a New Zealand fur seal in their home 150 meters from shore on Wednesday morning. Phil Ross – who happens to be a marine biologist – said he was unfortunately the only one who wasn’t home at the time. According to an article in the Guardian, he said, “The joke is that this is the only family emergency where it would have been beneficial to have a marine biologist in the house.” 444 Witnessed.

He added that his wife got up before 6 a.m. on Wednesday to go to the gym. “When he got into the car, he made some barking noises from below and ran away. He thought it was someone’s dog, and he didn’t think about it.” She came back around seven in the morning and opened the door to find a “nice little seal”. “The animal got a little scared and ran down the hall to the guest room,” she said.

According to Phil Ross, the seal managed to cross two cat gates to reach the apartment. He believes he met the family’s “guardian” cat, Coco, outside. “Obviously the seal wasn’t as scared as some dogs, so Coco was able to escape through the cat door on the side of the house and the seal was able to pursue her.” Coco ran to the house next door. When he got home, he refused to go downstairs because he was “very traumatized”.

The seal was nicknamed “Oscar” by the family. It is a long tradition in society to call seals this way. Ross said the animal proved to be a polite companion and fortunately did not defecate in the house. “I think that would have been very fatal for the furniture.”

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A wildlife ranger from the conservation department showed up at 10 a.m. to take the seal back out to sea.

Open Image: Pixabay

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