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The Animal Tales Book was presented to the papal envoy in Cluj

The Animal Tales Book was presented to the papal envoy in Cluj

Apostolic Nuncio Miguel Morey Buendia Follow his instincts. Nonfiction stories with animals It was served on Friday morning in the religious chapter of the parish of Szent Mihály. The conversation was moderated by author Hagnal Schöller and interpreted by Archbishop Gergely Kovacs.

The Spanish Apostolic Nuncio of the Catholic Church, Miguel Morey Buendía, who played a key role in Pope Francis’ visit to Suxumlú, has been Pope Francis’ representative in Romania for eight years, and is currently working in the United Kingdom. In addition to his theological studies, Bishop Buendía studied music and art history. After diplomatic training, he has worked in various capacities in Rwanda, Uganda, Morocco, Nicaragua, Egypt, Slovenia, Macedonia, Ireland and Kazakhstan.

Follow his instincts. Nonfiction stories with animals He wrote his titled book nine years ago after serving in Kazakhstan, and interestingly enough, he didn’t write a volume for a theological conference or career encouragement, but rather put his love of nature and animals to paper. Schuller Hagnall explained that the relationship between man and animals is often mentioned in the Bible in different contexts. Give some biblical stories as examples: Adam names the animals that God gave him as helpers, and in the story of Noah we can see an example of how God’s covenant extends to animals as well.

Miguel Mory Buendía expressed his gratitude to those who contributed to the publication of this book in Hungarian. He said that the book may seem harsh and unforgiving in places, but when viewed as a whole, it all makes sense. In response to a question from the audience, he explained that in the introduction to the book he refers to Beata, the dog that inspired him during his stay in Romania, but he also highlighted the horses he met during his various trips to the country. . The ambassador added that art has always been important to him, as it allows not only communication with him, but also communication with him. “The Church understood this, it has always used art for communication, let us think of beautiful churches and frescoes. In fact, art is also an apostolic tool.”

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Giorgi Fodor, who translated the work into Hungarian, spoke and said: He feels the assignment an honor, because thanks to the author’s sense of humor, the volume was also interesting to him. He added, “Reading the book and working on its translation made me think of the sometimes instructive stories about animals, which are often intertwined in some way with the locations and events of Mr. Buendía’s diplomatic service.”

The animal stories collected in the volume published by Verbum Kiadó are not only entertaining, but educational as well. He combines his love of nature and the animal world with his interest in traditions, customs and cultures. Each chapter takes you to an amazing location: deep in the forests, African cities, steppes, and exotic regions. The author helps his reader discover the beauty of creation, the Creator.

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