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The Americans will not sell their weapons as long as the Hungarian government stands in the way of Sweden joining NATO

The Americans will not sell their weapons as long as the Hungarian government stands in the way of Sweden joining NATO

Senator James Risch, a prominent Republican politician, is taking a rare step to force the Hungarian leadership to give the green light to expanding the military alliance even before the large-scale summit scheduled for next month.

a Washington Postnak Risch said in his statement that Hungary would have to allow Sweden to join NATO if it wanted the weapons package it had requested, namely 24 Himars missiles and thousands of missiles.

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Some time ago, I directly expressed my concerns to the Hungarian government about its refusal to bring forward the date for a vote on Sweden’s accession to NATO. It’s already June and that hasn’t happened yet, so I decided to suspend the sale of new US military equipment to Hungary

The Republican senator said.

Every major arms sale in the United States requires the approval of every senior foreign affairs representative, so a senator can boycott the deal on his own.

Neither the United States nor the Hungarian government has yet commented on Resch’s move.

David Pressman, the US ambassador to Hungary, whom Viktor Orbán previously referred to as “the journalist,” previously said:

We continue to work tirelessly to cooperate more closely with our ally, but at the same time we have real concerns about the strategic decisions made by Hungary.

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