The Americans urged Hungary to agree to the accession of the Finns and Swedes to NATO “without delay.”

March 17, 2023 – 10:40 PM

The United States is urging Hungary to ratify Finland and Sweden’s accession to NATO “without delay,” MTI reported, referring to the White House National Security Adviser’s statement on Friday.

Jake Sullivan said in a statement that the United States welcomes Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s submission of Finland’s accession protocol to the legislature in Ankara and “encourages” Ankara to do the same for Sweden.

According to the declaration, Sweden and Finland are strong partners, share NATO values, will strengthen the military alliance, and contribute to Europe’s security. The United States is convinced that both countries should become members of NATO as soon as possible.

Fidesz bloc leader Matti Koches announced on Friday that the vote on Finland’s accession has been brought forward to March 27, while the decision on Sweden’s accession will only be made later. On Friday morning, it was still the case that the vote would take place on March 31. Perhaps it is no coincidence that Turkey announced at the same time that it would agree to Finland’s accession, but had not yet decided on the membership of the Swedes either.

For months, the two ruling parties have been delaying a vote on Finland and Sweden joining NATO. A serious discussion on the issue reportedly arose at a meeting of the Fidesz-KDNP faction in Balatonf├╝red in February. The representatives objected that the Finnish and Swedish politicians had insulted Hungary. Finally, a negotiating delegation went to the two countries to settle the disputed issues.

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