The Americans have noticed the pearl goalkeeper, he may be there

Such that Previously mentionedIn January 2021, the American Handball Association searched on the Internet for players on the national team for free cards for the World Championship for Men in January 2021. The Americans revealed their large body of 35 players, 20 of whom will be able to travel to the Egyptian championship. On the list we also find NB I’s Gyöngyös goalkeeper, Pál Merkovszki.

Gyöngyös goalkeeper Pál Merkovszki (left) has been invited (Photo: Hédi Tumbász)

a The framework has been published on Only a few of its members play handball in the United States. Most of them are athletes who rarely or at all have teams in Europe, in the international arena, and there are players from Egypt and those who do not currently have a club.


The list of 35 includes goalkeeper Gyöngyös in NB I, fifth place in the FIFA World Youth Championship with the Hungarian national team. Pal Mirkovsky Who was born in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is a dual US Hungarian citizen.

Within the broad framework, 20 people will be announced who can travel to attend the World Cup from 13 to 31 January 2021 in Egypt on December 5.

Handball World Championship for Men 2021, Egypt
the group:
Germany, Hungary, Uruguay, Cape Verde
Group B: Spain, Tunisia, Brazil, Poland
Group C: Croatia, Qatar, Japan, Angola
Group D: Denmark, Argentina, Bahrain and Congo DK
Group E: Norway, Austria, France, the United States
Group F: Portugal, Algeria, Iceland, Morocco
Group G: Sweden, Egypt, Czech Republic, Chile
Group H: Slovenia, Belarus, South Korea, Russia

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