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The American primaries are reaching a critical stage

The American primaries are reaching a critical stage

Republican voters can vote in the states of Georgia, Washington, Mississippi and Hawaii. Donald Trump remained alone in the presidential race after his only rival, Nikki Haley, suspended her campaign and withdrew from the race after being defeated in 14 states a week ago – in what is called Super Tuesday. Donald Trump needs at least 1,215 delegate votes to be officially nominated for president. He already had 1,078 votes ahead of Tuesday's primary, and could cross that threshold with 161 votes in four states.

In addition to the four federal states, Democrats expect their voters living abroad and residents of the Northern Mariana Islands, which belong to the United States, to vote on Tuesday. Joe Biden officially has rivals remaining in the race, but they are practically running without any chance, so Joe Biden is also expected to collect a majority of delegate votes, which according to the rules of the Democratic primary is at least 1,968 votes.

The big question for the incumbent in Tuesday's primary is how many will join the group of “disengaged” voters launched within his party – that is, how many will turn out to vote without supporting a single candidate in name in protest.

The national convention that decides the final presidential nomination, in which delegates cast the votes they received in the primaries, is held by Republicans in mid-July, while Democrats hold it a month later, in mid-August.

From the primaries Particular attention is paid to the state of Georgia, which is referred to as a battleground state from a presidential election standpoint. It is expected to be decisive in the November elections.

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Both Joe Biden and Donald Trump held campaign rallies across the state last weekend. Among other things, Donald Trump criticized Joe Biden's immigration policy and promised serious tightening if he wins. He also confirmed that the current president's border control policy allowed an immigrant in the country illegally to kill a college student in Georgia last February. . Joe Biden has called Donald Trump a danger to American democracy and touted the results of his three-year presidency, including his welfare measures.

Four years ago, in the state of Georgia, Joe Biden was able to win a few thousand votes, which ensured his victory in the presidential elections. Donald Trump insists there was fraud during voting and that Democrats have them to thank for their victory.

Cover image source: MTI Photo/Erik S. Lesser

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