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The American Formula 1 world champion warned: “Don’t push it too far!”

The American Formula 1 world champion warned: “Don’t push it too far!”

According to Mario Andretti, after a certain point, F1 can be overrated with many American races.

Formula 1 has conquered the United States in recent years. Christian Horner Just a few days ago, he noted that the first competitions in Austin were not really popular, so the audience had to be lured to the venue with concerts of world-famous artists. But the expansion of Netflix and Drive to Survive got American families into the speed circus, so Sports has set its sights on “expansion.”

This year, the sport is organizing 3 competitions in North America. Miami The crowd and celebrities have already delighted the spring, while COTA and Las Vegas will return in the fall.

Americans’ interest in F1 is encouraging more venues, but the 1978 world champion will warn the sport. And according to Andretti, the three races in the states are more than enough, so with the fourth race, they will already be “on top of the bike.”

Mario Andretti – Photo: Penske Entertainment: Joe Skibinski

“In a sense, you can overdo it. There is no other country on earth that hosts three Formula One races in one season. Let’s be happy with this result and make the most of it. Let’s not try to push the boundaries and surpass ourselves, “said the former American competitor. to

So, Las Vegas returns to the racing calendar for the first time since 1982, although this time the strip, lined with famous hotels, forms part of the track.

But F1’s commitment to setting up a facility in an area away from the sector at a later date caught Andretti’s attention:

“I think the most positive part about this is that it’s a huge financial commitment. They’ve booked a property downtown, which will remain a permanent location in years to come. That way the long-term interest remains, which is very important, because courses on the streets come and go. But Las Vegas is not just a weekend getaway. There are so many things in the city for F1 fans to enjoy.”

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