The Amazon jungle made Alexis life hell

The Amazon jungle made Alexis life hell

Their derision and harassment spreads like wildfire all over the world.

He came up with an amazing account of BBCAccording to an article in the publication, the harassment and ridicule of girls named Alexa has unexpectedly started in the UK in recent years. The phenomenon is that Amazon has also given this name to its voice assistant available on its smart devices, as well as kids and teens, even adults are taking their share of Alex jokes.

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One of her mothers, who told the publication, said the situation deteriorated to the point that her husband was forced to change their teenage daughter’s name and then transfer her to another high school where no one knew her. Over time, the girl found it difficult to introduce herself due to her legitimate fear of ridicule, and some teachers even took their share of ridicule. The school did not help to deal with the problem, advising the girl to learn to live with the situation.

The phenomenon did not appear only in the UK, but spread to other countries with the support of the voice assistant. According to an American mother, Alexa’s name is increasingly intertwined with slave and servant associations, with some spontaneously beginning to treat women called Alexa as their subordinates, as her nine-year-old daughter suffers from it.

A German woman routinely receives comments about her name in her private life and at work, and hasn’t considered it funny for a very long time.

Amazon is condemning Alex’s mocking and joking, claiming that other alarm words can be set in its voice assistant. However, you should not expect to be ready to replace an established name with something else.

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