The alleged DualSense PC app has arrived

The alleged DualSense PC app has arrived

Console – Sony

From now on, you can really use and upgrade your PS5 controller completely on PC.

2020/4/20 21:34 | Gerge | Categories: Console – Sony

A few days ago, it was only rumored that Sony Develops the application that a DualSense The console can then be upgraded on the PC. Until now, this was only possible with PlayStation 5 consoles, so although anyone could buy this gaming console for a PC they missed out on important firmware updates, but the PS5 was just around the corner.

Well, that changes today, because the previously rumored app has already arrived. With this, Sony has taken a small but very important step in gathering more fans around it. With the release of the app it was pretty much acknowledged that they are aware that there are a lot of gamers out there who don’t (and only) use DualSense for PlayStation 5. So far they’ve been at a very disadvantage, and they’ve now managed to crack it.

It could also be a sign that Sony wants to take PCs more seriously than gaming consoles in the future. This has been indicated for years by the fact that more and more previously exclusive PlayStation games are also appearing on PC, the vast majority of which are also a hit on this platform. At the moment, only certain games on PC can take advantage of DualSense’s unique capabilities, but the release of the app could also mean that Sony wants to make significant progress in this area in the future. ■

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