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The Airbus' defensive beacon was turned off over Africa for three days, and the ministry does not reveal what the plane was doing there

The Airbus' defensive beacon was turned off over Africa for three days, and the ministry does not reveal what the plane was doing there

She flew to Africa, and for three full days, the Air Force's Airbus A-319 was not visible on public flight tracking websites. We asked the Ministry of Defense, to no avail, what mission the aircraft was sent for and whether this work was related to the planned deployment of Hungarian soldiers to Chad.

The Airbus 605, which he often uses on his trips abroad Peter Szijjarto The Foreign Minister left the military airport in Kecskemét on the evening of June 5, heading to Africa. The plane landed in Tunis, and from there it quickly headed south. The plane carrying 140 passengers was flying at an altitude of more than 10,000 meters in Tunisian airspace when it disappeared from public flight tracking websites before midnight. They must have turned off the plane's signals, because it did not appear on radar for three days, and it was impossible to track its destination.

The plane did not appear again until Saturday evening, returning directly to the Kecskimet base from the southern border region of Tunisia.

On 7 June, we sent questions to the Ministry of National Defense (HM) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (KKM) to find out what action the National Defense aircraft were involved in. We also asked whether the road could be linked to the national defense mission in Chad, about which the government has recently released little specific information.

Noting that the plane falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Interior, KKM indicated that it would not respond to the investigation. On the other hand, we tried to contact the press department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs several times during the past week, but despite the promises, they did not respond, and in the end they did not answer the phone.

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Gergely Gulyas The minister responsible for the Prime Minister's Office said in response to a journalist's question at a government press conference on Thursday: The exact timetable for the deployment of Hungarian soldiers in Chad is not yet available, but he added that the government's goal is still to have a mission in Chad.

Regarding military action in Africa, we sent several questions to the State Department at the end of May. His Majesty had not answered the questions yet, but they sent them Linkon any one Christoph Salai-Bobrovnitsky With Minister of Defense W Gabor Burundi You can read a conversation with the Chief of Staff.

In this conversation, which took place in mid-May, the minister did not provide precise information either, but merely repeated the previous official explanation of the Chadian deployment, claiming that the Hungarian soldiers were Hungarian investments in Chad:

  • agricultural projects,
  • seed production,
  • They will protect water management,
  • As well as directing local power,
  • Their mission will be to support his training.

It was revealed in January Viktor Orbán The Prime Minister's son Gaspar Urban In the government of Krzysztof Salai-Bobrovnitsky, he was working on preparing for this task. The newspaper “Direct 36” and the French newspaper “Le Monde” obtained evidence about Orban's son's trips to Africa, among other things, when he attended the negotiations held in the Chadian presidential palace as a member of the delegation of Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto, amid a high degree of secrecy last December.

Sergey Lavrov Russian Foreign Minister Incidentally, he also visited the Chadian capital, N'Djamena, last week to negotiate with the government.

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