The air conditioning crisis broke out in North America

North America has never experienced the heat it has before. Many are queuing up their cooling principles in cities where never before should air conditioning be required. But rising temperatures have already forced residents to a new lifestyle this year.

Record temperatures were measured in Canada and the northern United States for most of July.

  • Portland had a score of 46 for several days in a row,
  • In Idaho, they measured 36 degrees for two weeks,
  • In Alberta, Canada (!!!) the temperature was 32 degrees for several days, while in the summer the temperature is no more than 20 degrees.

When an industrially refrigerated room is an exotic concept, these temperatures properly alter the daily lives of residents. In the summer, the area was hitherto inhabited by tourists fleeing north from the heat, but now there is no escape for northerners as well. Air-conditioned hotels are becoming more crowded and stores are running out of refrigeration equipment.

Global warming has already brought about major changes in North America. Within six years, Seattle, the least air-conditioned area of ​​the United States, experienced a 10 percent increase in the number of air-conditioned homes. In Portland, this value has doubled since 2000.

According to meteorologists in the region, the warming will also significantly alter the economic functions of the region.

“So far, we’re proud of Seattle because it had everything California, without the lack of heat and water,” said Matthew Klingle, a researcher in Seattle’s environmental history. According to him, the business appeal of the city always includes pleasant weather, which can no longer be counted on. (Washington Post)

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(The post was written by Lénárd Lili.)

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