The advent of a scientific and musical event with the participation of the President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences – Semmelweis Herik

Pathophysiology of Science and Arts Course XIV. At the public event on December 1 of the semester, Dr. After László Rosivall, Professor Emeritus at the Institute for Transformational Medicine, Dr. Tamas Freund, President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA), gave a lecture. Then, Janos Balazs, Kossuth Prize-winning pianist, and Adél Bihari introduced the Advent Concert to the participants.

Dr. started seven years ago. Led by Laszlo Roseval, professor emeritus at the Institute for Translational Medicine, the pathology and arts course, “Thursday Happy Hours,” is a curiosity in its own right. Half of the 342 lectures given so far are by invited lecturers, and the other half by the course leader, with his belief that anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, etc. are not enough. To learn, you need more than that. The invited speakers represent the most diverse fields of science.

On previous occasions, for example, András Batta, József Szurcsik, Zoltán Nagy, Andrea Dúll, Balázs Szegedy, Zoltán Rihmer, Pál Kő, Frigyes Kőnig, Irén Lovász, Rezső Lovas and Deachnos Akőnay Kőnay have given lectures. , Ksaba Korosi, Janos Sekeli, Roska Botund, Bella Pachtor, Pallas Foregis, Istvan Stumpf, Gabor Szegeti, Bella Szumraki, Miklos Maroth, Judit Polgaros, and Lozasar.

According to the experience, the students love the course and attend it with enthusiasm. Typically 200-300 students apply for this highly educational and demanding lecture series, including guest students from Eötvös Loránd University and Budapest University of Technology and Economics. In addition, many well-known professionals, professors and academics regularly participate in the events.

At a public event on December 1, President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Dr. Tamas Freund gave a lecture on the brain mechanism of creativity d. After Laszlo Roseval’s introduction to “What Kind of Scientist Is He?” After his presentation, the president presented a real-life musical creation with the help of his invited guests: Janos Pallas, master of improvisation, and his wife, Adele Behari, a throat singer, and they played together. The concert began with the Creativity in Practice program, where students improvised three notes on the spot. Subsequently, paraphrases of János Tchaikovsky-Baláz’s Nutcracker, Cherubini’s Ave Maria, the final movement of Mahler’s Fourth Symphony, and Mozart’s Schon lacht der Holde Frühling (KV.580) were made. Giorgi Fokan’s short play “The Last Moment” was also shown as an encore.

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The event was really delightful music, which was well presented by the surprisingly good acoustics of the room and a 100+ year old Bösendorfer piano. Improvising clarinet, vocals and piano was a one-off Christmas gift for the nearly 250 attendees and nearly 100 listeners online. The event was attended by the President of the Hungarian Academy of Arts, Giorgi Vashigi, as well as the sculptor Istvan Madarasi, the physicist Laszlo Elek, the writer Laszlo Hope, the photographer Karoly Zelenyi and many others, including several professors of our university.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with health and peace!

Dr. Gy. István Szomolányi, Head of the Baráti Kör Dental Department
Dr. Professor Emeritus Laszlo Roseval, Institute for Transformational Medicine, Course Leader

The article was published by the Directorate of Communications at Semmelweis University.

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