Ízelítőt kapott a Netflix-féle Addams Family sorozat bevezetőkép

The Addams Family series on Netflix got a taste

In the middle we will see Wednesday formed by Gina Ortega.

To this day, many people love the humorous black Adams family with a unique design, which only enhances how glam Tim Burton is. The Galád family has also appeared in an animated version before, but this time a live version is being made, focusing on their little girl, Wed (Gina Ortega).

The good news for fans is that Burton not only supports the project as an executive producer, but is also directing the eight-part Netflix series.

So far we’ve only seen a poster of what a live Wednesday series would look like, featuring the Wednesday years at Adams Nevermore Academy, but during an event called Netflix Geeked Week, the streaming provider also showed what Jenna Ortega (Scream, X, Immaculate Jane) would look like as the title character, And also we can see everyone’s favorite palm, but unfortunately they didn’t show anything from the series. Makes you taste:

Other roles will include actors such as Catherine Zeta-Jones (Morticia Adams), Luis Guzman (Gomez Adams), Isaac Ordonez (Bogsley Adams), Gwendolyn Chistetti, and Christina Ricci’s 1991 film Adams Family Wednesday.

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The Wednesday series will start on Netflix later this year, but it’s not quite there yet. Are you waiting?

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