The abolition of priestly celibacy is not excluded

March 10, 2023 – 10:16 PM

Pope Francis considers the abolition of priestly celibacy possible – this is revealed from the interview given by the head of the Catholic Church to the Argentine news portal Infobae.

According to the MTI review, Ferenc stated that in the Eastern Catholic Churches it is allowed to marry a priest. “There is no contradiction in that,” he declared. As he said, celibacy in the Western Church is a “temporary and temporary requirement”, in contrast to, for example, the “eternal” priestly vocation. At the same time, according to him, it is doubtful that more men would devote their lives to the priestly profession if they were allowed to marry.

Regarding homosexuals, Francis stated that God, as the Gospel proclaims, welcomes all into his Church, including those. He said, “Jesus gave a wonderful answer to this question: Everyone should convert.” “When there were not enough guests at the wedding, he said: Go out to the crossroads and invite everyone. Good people, bad, old, young: everyone. This is the Church of Sinners. I don’t know where the Church of the Saints is, we are all sinners here. And who am I to judge someone if they have good intentions?However, if you prefer to join Satan’s cabal, we have to protect ourselves.Nowadays this question is being examined with a magnifying glass, but I think we have to look at the core of the gospel: Jesus Everyone calls.

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