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The A Way Out manager has talked roughly with Microsoft about naming Xbox consoles, and he also has an idea for a new name

The A Way Out manager has talked roughly with Microsoft about naming Xbox consoles, and he also has an idea for a new name

Joseph Fares is a phenomenon. A designer who creates collaborative story-based games (Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, A Way Out) isn’t very used to restricting himself when he has to be inspired or even angry about his own work. He didn’t do it differently now: In a recent interview about the upcoming It Takes Two movie, he completely surrendered to Microsoft the reason for his “hair” in the name Xbox.

He is a knight IGN America He spoke to his reporter, noting that he was always making story-centered games blessed with creative ideas, because sometimes he had to “trigger the filter”, as he put it, and “carry what he truly believes.” So, he doesn’t care much about the platform he’s developing. An IGN reporter asked if he would have been more lucky if It Takes Two were actually designed specifically for next-generation consoles, so Hazelight’s development team could have been more daring. Faris was happy to look To the next generation hardware environment, of course, but these new units came too late to consider the necessary modifications.

“It would look better, of course [a játék] On PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, but we didn’t have the time to take advantage of the PlayStation 5 specialties or Xbox blah-blah-blah. Or what is this Xbox series called. Anyway, this name is confusing! What about Microsoft? They are starting to lose spinning, man. What’s going on? Series S, X, Mex, and Next. I mean, who remembers this? Let’s not do that anymore! Mad! It’s called Microsoft Box, it’s a good day! How do I know. It’s all over. Believe what I say: even they themselves, in their desks, are completely confused. What is this X, S … I cannot understand what he hungers for “- he rushed to Microsoft against Joseph Faris.

We can be honest with Knight, of course, that the Xbox Series X or Series S are relatively long names, but perhaps none of them are so complicated that we can’t remember them. Additionally, it can shorten well to XSX and XSS formats. However, of course, they are not enthusiastic about creativity, it should be left. But who cares if it’s okay to play on Xbox consoles, right?

It Takes Two will also be released on nextgen and prevgen consoles as well as PCs slated for March 26th this year. In the game, we can control Cody and May, two very problematic members of a couple about to divorce, exclusively in cooperative mode.

Game preview:

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