The 7-year-old girl’s favorite skirt emitted an unpleasant odor, and her mother was also shocked when the cause was revealed.

04/04/2023 2:30 PM

washed several times

The shocking story has reappeared on the Internet: a mother surprised her daughter with a pretty skirt, and the end of the story was heartbreaking.

An unusual story raises the mood again on social media. Do not forget: A few years ago, 31-year-old mother Natalie Kirkwood surprised her daughter Sophia, who was barely 7 years old, with a new skirt. However, they couldn’t be happy with the little girl’s new outfit for long. Although the mother has washed it several times, the skirt smells pungent and sickening.


According to the mother, the girl wore this skirt many times, but she never told her that something was wrong with it. Natalie and her partner Stuart decided to investigate: they grabbed scissors and a camera. “I decided to wash the skirt separately, but it didn’t smell any better. I thought my daughter put something in her pocket that she forgot theresaid the mother, who was then stabbed with something tangible.

There was something mind-blowing about the dress – I’m going to put it all on video!

PHOTOS: What was hidden in seven-year-old Sophie’s skirt is shocking

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