The 400-horsepower single golf cart removes the inner course of the freeway

The blue-green Golf has never been considered weak, since it rolled off the assembly line as a GTI, but with the new engine the compact car moves in completely different dimensions. At first glance, the Volkswagen looks like a factory copy, and the BBS rims and GTI inscriptions show some sportiness, although these accessories could easily be added to the diesel as well. However, those with an eye can see a small hint, the owner has renamed his car a GTI R.

The factory 1.8-liter engine with 112 hp was replaced by the Golf-six’s 2-liter TSi engine with 400 hp. The Golf has increased somewhat in weight, but it’s still only 932 kilograms, and one horsepower moves only 2.33 kilograms. The benefit of nearly four times the power is that the first two gears are really unusable, the wheels spinning instantly when you ramp up the gas. The impact of driving on the steering wheel is significant, maneuvering with one hand is not possible here, and the driver has to constantly correct this. However, the dynamics are not a problem, the lightweight body is simply driven by a turbo engine, and in the video it jumps from 80 to 140 in four seconds, also takes 200 effortlessly, and the driver chases the Volkswagen up to 239 km / h. The engineers did not expect such a speed, so the mirrors bend and the windshield wipers hover over two hundred, but the roof mount of the machine was not designed for such stress either.

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