The 23rd team plays as a routine Spanish football player

The 23rd team plays as a routine Spanish football player

Not the match record for Spanish football Jose Pedrosa Gallen, who is 14th and 23rd place from the team.

36 companies in Spain, Thailand, Indonesia, Austria, Jordan, Cyprus, Romania, Finland, Andorra, Hong Kong, Qatar, Sade Arabia and Canada are certified by Bruno Magpies in Gibraltar.

It’s hard to believe, but I’m not doing it to set a record, but to keep playing. Klum is that I can continue to enjoy the most beautiful profession in the world, which is football.” Pedrosa Gallen said.

German goalkeeper Lutz Pfannenstil has played for 27 national teams, and Guinness World Record holder Sebastien Abreu has played for 31 clubs in 11 countries. Among the Hungarians, Krešten Vadcz is definitely the leader, having played for 14 clubs in 11 countries.Pedrosa Gallen’s career began very quickly, he grew up in the Atletico Madrid academy and then moved to Almere, where he was captain of the team, but after a serious injury, his career ended.

“If I could introduce myself to the line, it would have changed everything. I was a captain, and no one knew that the chief had put him in the street after the cross was torn.” – Myslt.

This failure made him try his luck abroad. He emphasized that the benefits of the fire of the past could not be afforded with money, and that he could do what he liked most.

In the colors of Saint Pelten, he played in the Osterk Cup against Red Bull Salzburg, in the European League with Rovaniemi in Finland and in the Champions League with Santa Colom in Andorra.

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He said, “I never made a decision because of my convenience, I always took a risk with it. I never gave up on anything when I wasn’t completely sure and didn’t care about changes.”

According to him, the most difficult period in his career was when in 2020 he had to isolate in Canada for about two months due to coronary artery disease, and he could only leave the hotel due to exercises and signs, so he could not meet his wife. All this was repeated last year and for this it was confirmed again in Europe.

He said: 36 He realized that getting away from his team was getting harder and harder, and his friends started to become more and more important in professional football.

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