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The 15-year-old Kobuci Garden celebrates with concert movies

The 15-year-old Kobuci Garden celebrates with concert movies

In an unfamiliar way, Kobuci Kert opens the jubilee season with three musical films. One of the most famous open-air concert venues in the capital has invited the important figures of world jazz, jazz and folk music: Miklós Lukács, Frenke and Kalász Band to represent the basic aspirations of the venue’s program show, for which it has been maturing for a decade and a half.

With the help of Balázs Szabolcs Hajdu, the Béla Award-winning film director, the three concerts of Kobuci’s workshop were recorded from a private point of view, using art film equipment, in an unusual setting. The films will be available online shortly after showings at Toldi Cinemas on March 28.

Jubilee season will be about continuity and the power of continuity and value creation. – is the Kobuci Kert team, who have been building the most intimate concert venues for contemporary light music in Ubud for the past 15 years. According to their credo, a love of fringe species, an ethic of hospitality, and an audience open to quality are the three main pillars that define the ethos of a place.

Miki Lukas – Source: KOBUCI

“We don’t want to be nostalgic, because live music always takes place in the moment, but a movie can capture time,” explains Program Director Attila Kasbolks, explaining why Hajdu Zabolcs and his friends were asked to collaborate on the special for the anniversary season. The important and unavoidable figures of folk music, jazz and earth tunnels: Miklos Lukas, Frink and the Kalash band met with the progressive representatives of the world of cinematic art after long preparatory work and discussions. The direction of Szabolcs Hajdu and the cinematography of Csaba Bántó gave the meetings a special shape, resulting in musical films of an unusual kind, also exciting in terms of film language.

After the screening of the film, respected local and international musicians of contemporary folk music will rotate in the courtyard of Zichy Castle from April. On April 13, the most important Hungarian ethnic hip-hop formation, Zópoli, will take the stage. The next day, Parno Grasz continues to tell the history of her family and the world with the language and power of indigenous gypsy music in the usual setting.

Kalash Band - Source: KOBUCI
Kalash Band – Source: KOBUCI

On Saturday night, the Péterfy Bori & Love Band will show that in the garden, even the coolest artists of the Underground can meet the public in a more intimate and direct setting. Additional spring artists, without claiming to be all-encompassing: Blahalousiana, Honeybeast, Bohemian Betyars, György Ferenczi, 1st Pesti Rackák, Konyha és Söndörgő, Kerekes Band, Anna and the Barbies, Hot Jazz Band, Budapest Bár, Ripoff Raskolnikov and the Brandogs. In 2023, a new genre, rap, will also be included in Kobuci’s show offerings as a sign of the shift towards younger generations. And last but not least, this year Kobuci Kert also offers merchandise products to its visitors.

The movies will soon be available to watch online at Kobuci website.

More information and programs can be found here.
Kobuchi Curt Opening Events:

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