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That's why Gabor's son Miklos Kereni was able to leave the operetta scene after 30 years

That's why Gabor's son Miklos Kereni was able to leave the operetta scene after 30 years

Some former colleagues spoke anonymously about what might be behind Mattei's dismissal. These could be the reasons.

Matej Miklós Kerenyi has worked in the theater for 30 years, which he considers his second home, as he was closely associated with the institution where his father, Gabor Miklós Kerenyi, worked.

the Blake found him Some of his colleagues, who spoke anonymously about what might be behind Matty's termination.

“Maybe he's tired of the bad mood that's been on the stage lately. A lot of people come to work with sad faces and stomach cramps. The band is falling apart, and the colleagues Matty has worked with continuously over the years are standing up. We're very sorry to see you go, but we understand your decision.”

One of the anonymous colleagues said.

“A few weeks ago, viewers were also surprised why 53-year-old artistic director Zsolt Homonnai played Istvan, when Matti was there too. Although there is no doubt that Zsolt is an excellent actor, he is perhaps a bit old.” .for this role, which is why makeup artists and maskers have more work to do.

I heard that the viewers expressed their dissatisfaction, but they assigned someone to delete the negative comments on the operetta’s social media page.

– said another artist.

“I think this is not the end of the line. There are many actors who are thinking of quitting, their names have almost merged with Operettsthínház, and there is not a performance in which one of them does not appear.”

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– sighed the anonymous newspaper informant.

Her father, Gabor Kereni Miklós, who was accused of sexual harassment in 2018, also spoke on the subject.

“I'm very sad that he had to come… At the same time, I can say without any bias that he is a very talented actor who can stand his ground anywhere. He also plays wonderfully in our joint plays, and the audience adores him.”

The actor's father said.

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