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That’s why Andy Vajna didn’t like Ervin Nagy: He didn’t want to give him a starring role in Kincsem either – Hazai star

That’s why Andy Vajna didn’t like Ervin Nagy: He didn’t want to give him a starring role in Kincsem either – Hazai star

Big Ervin I always felt that way Andy Vajna She doesn’t like him. According to his confession, behind their disagreement was a previous conflict.

The 46-year-old actor and world-famous producer was never in a position where they could discuss the cause of the conflict.

The fight between Ervin Nagy and Andy Vajna over Kinsem

According to award-winning actor Jászai Mari, he doesn’t even know the exact reason for the conflict between them, he’s just guessing. He has appeared in countless films, and experts and famous theaters have never doubted his acting ability.

photo: YouTube/Beyond Words

– When I canceled Szabadság, love, Andy Vajna must have thought, What is this little drool thinking of himself? We’ve never been in a situation where we’re talking – admit it behind the words in the show.

Endre Kadarkay asked why it was not possible to clarify the problems.

– However, I’m also proud and won’t come down to find out what’s wrong with me. It certainly didn’t look like that. If the micro mode was like that, I would release it if I felt no one was pressing on. I would have asked him at the time, “Tell me what’s your problem, why do you hate me so much?” It would be nice to know the truth.

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Ervin Nagy thought he was being impressive when Andy Vajna offered him a lot of money to star in Szabadság, szerelem. Despite this, he did not accept the big role, because he also had to think about his co-stars. He appeared in so many plays that he could not miss during filming.

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– I was not affected by the role that my comrades were suffering because of me. Because of that, I would do extra work for them, and since I grew up with them, I couldn’t do that.

Big Ervin Kibby 2

Because of the conflict between them, Andy Vajna made no secret of the fact that he did not want Ervin Nagy to play the main character in Kinsem.

– Vajna had such a kind of children’s room that she still allows us to make my treasure. He respected artistic freedom to some extent, although despite this he did not attend the screening and, according to him, the film was not very good either.

He laughed and recalled the number of negative reviews he had received from the co-owner of Korda Filmstúdió in Etyek.

He told Hernandi many times how much I yawned. We’ll never know why he didn’t like me. What I’m also thinking is that he didn’t like Kameleon either, hence maybe he thought I wasn’t a good actor.

Home of Ervin Nagy and Alexandra Borbely

Ervin Nagy and Alexandra Borbely are a couple who represent the private sphere of interest. So far, we haven’t been able to get an insight into their home on social media either. They made exception for the winter issue of ELLE Decoration, showing off the sweet spot where they live.

Cover photo: Profimedia

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