That’s when season two of Fülig bléd zügtam arrives – MUSICDAILY

The sequel will be presented at the end of summer.

Yesterday we reported that the announcement and all the information may be out soon HeartstopperThis is it I roared at you c. From the second season of the Netflix series, after the official Brazilian account of the broadcast program leaked an image from the new episode.

Now, however, we really get what we’ve been waiting for: Netflix has announced on its official channels – and it’s no longer deleted or corrected – that Joe Locke And Kate Connor The continuation of the eponymous series arrives on Thursday, August 3. In the announcement video, we get a look at the shoot, and Netflix also revealed how the sequel will be different from the first season: Nick and Charlie try to navigate their new relationship; Tara and Darcy face unexpected challenges; Tao and Elle work out to see if they can be more than friends. Plus, there are exams, a school trip to Paris, and of course, the prom!


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