That's what "Don't Look For" is all about, according to its author

That’s what “Don’t Look For” is all about, according to its author

The Adam McKay satire, in which some astronomers tried to save humanity from a meteor rushing toward Earth, hit Netflix on December 24 and quickly became the most-watched movie on the streaming channel. But what is the movie really about?

We do not believe the experts

The main subject of the film, as the decision-makers, the media, and then, alarmed by their example, first downplay the facts of the scientists, make a joke on them, and then deny the impending disaster for their own sake, even when it is clearly there around their necks.

After the pandemic, many critics thought they would find hints of a pandemic in the film’s script, but writer/director Adam McKay In a certain interview, he said that the script and preparation for the film took place before the pandemic.

I wrote the book before COVID, but I also see a number of similarities between it and the events of recent years: virus deniers, or how it became part of economics and politics.” McKay said.

It means something else

But while he wrote the script, he wasn’t thinking about a pandemic or a meteor impact.

A film a klímakatasztrófáról szól

“I wanted to keep a mirror of how humanity would react to news of such an obvious catastrophe. We all know what will happen and how severe the consequences are, yet we pretend we don’t even know about it.”Added writer/director.

The film takes a new approach to the dialogue about climate catastrophe: it neither teaches nor preaches, but it sets a serious example in a way that is funny, sarcastic, and thought provoking. While it may not necessarily sound cinema-inspired, Mackay is fundamentally optimistic about the inclusion of the film and the future of humanity.

“I wouldn’t expect millions of people to suddenly change their minds after watching the movie, but if they only understood a little bit about how diversion, profit-oriented, functional, and money-hungry work would distract them from reality then I would achieve something” Director said.

"Rendkívül bizakodó vagyok a klímaváltozással kapcsolatban, mert van egy csodafegyverünk, és ez a tudomány"- tette hozzá McKay, amikor a klímaváltozásról kérdezték. A tudomány fantasztikus dolgokra képes, de nem szabad elfelejtenünk bízni benne

Mackay added.

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