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That’s it: the tourist tax is coming in Venice

That’s it: the tourist tax is coming in Venice

Venice announced it It plans to charge an entrance fee of €5 for day visitors next year. Proposed fees next year It will be tested for 30 days, focusing primarily on spring holidays and summer weekendswhen the number of tourists usually reaches its peak.

Fees will apply to all visitors aged 14 and over.

With regard to Venice, the tourist tax has been hanging in the air for a long time, and in addition to this, the city has also increased the number of visitors per day. It was such sad news that just a few days ago UNESCO experts recommended adding Venice to the Endangered World Heritage List.

Simone Venturini, a member of the Venice Tourism Board, said the aim was to “create a new balance between the rights of people who live, study and work in Venice, as well as those who visit the city”. The exact timing and operational details of the plan will be determined after final board approval, which is expected next week.

this The plan was first proposed in 2019But it was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, as it led to a significant drop in tourism. Further delays occurred due to technical and procedural issues. However, tourists have since returned to Veniceoften significantly exceeding the city’s population of 50,000.

Source: Reuters

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