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That’s how much extra money they gave to build the Szeleta Park Visitor Center

That’s how much extra money they gave to build the Szeleta Park Visitor Center

The 70 square meter playground called “Bikkmakk” offers experiences for the little ones, and the outdoor adventure park “Pókfonál” in the inner courtyard of the Visitor Center, on an area of ​​485 square meters, with a climbing system, a unique giant slide, a wire rope course and swings.

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The exhibition itself can be viewed in about two hours. But it can take five to six hours to experience all the elements of the experience, and the Szeleta Park Visitor Center can provide up to two days of relaxation in addition to the field programs.

As we have learned, professional conferences and other professional events are also planned in this unique environment. Weekly organized tours and thematic programs for exploring Buk will be offered. There will be a Szeleta Day every year, which can also be a celebration of cave exploration. It is hoped that the place will become the flagship in the Bok area.

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The Szeleta Park Visitor Center really wants to serve as the eastern gateway to Bükk. The intention may be that those who arrive by car or public transport – leaving their vehicles behind – can continue exploring Bükk from here.

There is a plan to expand the car park to the area of ​​the former bus station in cooperation with the Municipality of Miskolc. They want to establish a direct connection to the nearby light rail station. An important factor is that the bicycle path to be built between Diósgyőr Castle and Lillafüred will pass near the park. Connected to the park, a rest area for cyclists can be created, complete with a bicycle rental facility.

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