That a suspected spoiler-progression “game progression” function is divisive

One of the new features of the new PlayStation 5 software is not to everyone’s liking.

The other day we talked about how with the latest PlayStation 5 system software update it has become easier to see how many hours we have played the particular game, but it does not seem accurate (despite Sony’s efforts, this bug has been behind the company for years; we dare you to think Why can’t they handle this), but unfortunately we can solve this with another innovation, which may be useful at first glance, but the second time, the pump may go up in us, because we may see something in this regard that we don’t want.

The new feature is called Game Progress. In galactic this can be called how far we’ve managed to advance in the game, and according to the official patch note, “Game progress appears in games with the highest number of story activities”. In Hungary, if we play a bigger game (like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 from Insomniac Games), our PlayStation 5 will tell us how far we’ve come in the story.

A convenient but divisive post: a on reddit To read that the user first saw the progress of the game in action when they started playing Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty with a friend, and according to the console, they have completed 70% of the story up to that point. It is suggested that Sony give players the option to hide this feature. last mailman He quipped that the feature is useful because you don’t have to search YouTube for how-tos to know where you are in the game.

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Here, however, you can return to the inaccuracy of the Hours of Play function. What makes us so sure that game progression could be more accurate? The whole thing could fail here as well, and although there are fewer games where this function could appear, if Sony can’t record the time we spend on the game we’ve been playing for years, why should we trust it? In this case?

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