Texas bans abortion from the sixth week of pregnancy

Just before midnight US time, the nine-member body with a ratio of 5-4 decided to reject the petition of organizations that oppose the tightening of abortion and Refuses to ban the strictest abortion laws in the United States. Referring to the complexity of the proceedings, the majority of judges said: “The abortion providers were unable to convincingly bring a case to court for intervention.” But they added that “serious questions” were raised about the constitutionality of the law.

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Constitutional Judge Sonia Sotomayor called the ruling “shocking” in a counter-opinion, and two of his fellow liberals joined in. According to Sotomayor, this law is “blatantly unconstitutional” “designed to prevent women from exercising their constitutional rights.”

No such strict ban has been allowed in any US state since the Federal Supreme Court ruled the so-called Roe/Wade decision for nearly half a century. On January 22, 1973, the Supreme Court ruled that according to Annex 14 of the Constitution, which invokes the right to privacy, the prohibition of abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy is unconstitutional. Since then, no state has been able to deprive a woman in its laws of safe legal abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy.

The law, signed May 19 by Greg Abbott, the Republican governor of Texas, authorizes individuals to file a civil lawsuit against anyone who violates the law and “aids or supports” an abortion after the sixth week of pregnancy. Creators of successful civil lawsuits are entitled to a minimum reward of ten thousand dollars.

The five conservative justices, who make up the majority of the Supreme Court, indicated after the ruling that their ruling was not intended to resolve issues related to the “constitutionality of Texas law” or to rule out future lawsuits.

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US President Joe Biden said in a statement Thursday about the decision that the US Supreme Court’s ruling on the abortion ban in Texas is an “unprecedented attack on women’s constitutional rights.” Biden added that while the ruling was not “the last word” on what he called “extreme” law, he instructed the government to check how “to ensure Texas women have access to safe and legal abortions.”

The impact of last night’s decision will be immediate and will require an immediate response

said the chief.

Nancy Pelosi, a Democratic chairwoman of the US House of Representatives, on Thursday called the Texas law a “clearly unconstitutional attack on women’s rights and health” and a “disaster.” Pelosi said September 20, when the House of Representatives returns from recess, that they will vote on a bill introduced by Judy Cho, the California Democratic representative, that would legally protect individuals’ right to abortion.


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