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Ilyen Volkswagen nem lesz már – VW Passat GTE 21

Testing: Volkswagen Passat Variant GTE

Anything promises to be more exciting than driving a Volkswagen Passat, and no one probably expected more than that. This is quite common among commercial sedans, they do the job of transporting the spoiler from point A to point B, whether it’s within a city, country or continent. Passat is the perfect tool for that. You sit in it, and eventually you walk out, and in the meantime you get no serious stimulus, neither strikingly bad nor overwhelmingly positive.

It can glide softly for up to 60 kilometers

There is something attractive in the Passat on the outside, but not so much as in a uniform or a regular suit. It’s really nice to look at, but I don’t look at it in the parking lot. However, this establishes a good relationship with the car, you enjoy sitting in it, especially in a GTE with a green license plate like that. These seats are fine, but I like the position the most, as I don’t have to sit high. It’s sad, but nowadays, even such a simple camper can feel sporty among many SUVs, although not low.

It starts off completely silently, and I don’t miss the beats of the diesel, no matter how immediately we hooked up to a Passat. We have an electric range of about 55 kilometers if we go with a fully charged battery. It is not difficult to take advantage of this, it is true that in the Passat it helps you a lot if you turn off the air conditioner, and therefore the range can reach more than 60 kilometers. You can sometimes feel the shift of the six-speed dual-clutch even during electric driving, but it is not so noticeable, much more so when the gasoline engine is also running.

At that time, the electric motor is charged only, and the system operates conventionally, which is why there are the usual satisfying movements of the DSG gearbox, such as a slow start, or choppy shifts at a slow pace. The fact that the electric motor helps drive the GTE even at low speeds when it is unloaded a lot, so the start is smooth and the movement is very easy.

There will be no more Volkswagen like this - Volkswagen Passat GTE 67

It’s a fun passenger car, but it consumes a lot on the highway with hybrid drive

It’s great to walk around town, but it’s not bad in the long run either. He lies on the highway and silently slips into the world. On the long waves, you can feel the weight floating to over 1.8 tons with the driver, even with the slightly sportier chassis of the GTE, it feels like a boat. It has a weight that you can feel in its steering, suspension and movement. It’s a borderline case, because you can often enjoy the fact that it looks like such a serious car, and other times it shows itself in its depreciation, for example on the highway.

The Passat plug-in hybrid isn’t a long-distance runner. After almost 300 kilometers of driving, I used 9 liters of fuel, while in the city, most of which drained, I could drive about 6 liters. This diesel version will still be unbeatable on the highway. Not necessarily half that, but 5-6 liters can easily cover a longer trip on average. The steering is precise, but not too lively, the suspension is comfortable and at the same time pleasantly taut, so you can turn it around with pleasure if you want to enjoy it with the Passat.

B8 Passat is ideal as a passenger car, because it constantly monitors the movements of the driver and reacts immediately if necessary. Lane Keeping Assist, which works with the steering, is constantly active, it pulls you firmly into the lane if you get lost, and with cruise control and distance control, you drive along the lane as if you were running on rails. Without indexing, it’s hard to cross into the other lane, and it will roll back even if the car is still too close for operation. Their systems should work, they brake when the queue is ahead, as well as when the car comes behind us when it stops. The Passat can help in many situations.

There will be no more Volkswagen like this - Volkswagen Passat GTE 68

You don’t have to pollute your environment with harmful gases, which is good for plug-in hybrids

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