Ford Mustang Mach-E

Testing: Ford Mustang Mach-E GT

We don’t sit high in an electric Mustang compared to a car or traffic. The view here is as poor as it is from most crossovers today, and the columns and benches cover a lot.

It also has plenty of Cyber ​​Orange paint, which is the GT’s unique color. 365000 extra forints

The dosing capacity of the brakes is unpleasant. With the battery discharged, the test car behaved strangely, the brakes became fast in the moments before a stop, and the car nodded. It’s a good idea to turn off the auto-lock feature if you have to park your car on a steep street, because the car only releases the brakes on the big enough throttle. Killer jumps are difficult to maneuver if you are only 60 to 80 inches in front and behind other cars.

The Mach-E GT converts the engine’s power into acceleration in the same 245/45 R20 tires front and rear with some totally cross-country efficiency. When launched, proportional and well-formed sounds come from the speakers to emphasize the truly impressive acceleration. The crushing force of concrete exhibited by lighter cars with a similarly amazing acceleration to 100 in 4 seconds, yet I didn’t feel it when I started.

In the cold, the car is remarkably powerful as it can be in the warmth, but I appreciate at the Ford importer that despite common problems with other electric cars, it didn’t clog the tester until May, when it is. Less frustration with both range and power delivery.

Weightlifting - Test the Ford Mustang Mach-E GT 143

Its two motors provide a total of 487 hp, with 860 Nm, all four wheels can be rotated at the same time

If Ford had already written on this car that it was a Mustang, in addition to the GT, I would have wondered how much freedom the software would allow to leave it alone with the car and see how it behaves without the parking brake. (The equestrian analogy is limp because the vehicle is probably named after the fighter plane, and is not inspired by the wild horses, the wild descendants of the animals of the Spanish conquistadors.)

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Here, in addition to the other Mustang Mach-E Whisper, Active and Untamed modes, you can also select the Untamed Plus mode, although unfortunately this can be activated in a separate menu item instead of the central mode selection interface.

At times like these, the tail moves more and more fun moves inside this car, despite its size, weight and dimensions, this is an inherently unfunny car, at least not in the sense that the Ford Fiesta ST, which provides bullying joy to the bone.

Winning the Power - Test the Ford Mustang Mach-E GT 144

It measures 4713 in length, 1881 in width and 1613 mm in height. Short overhangs also indicate a long wheelbase of 2,984 mm

It has been my pleasure to virtually and completely eliminate the installation that is provided here. If you stand still on gasoline, the car will feel what you want and want to cross. Compared to being a two-wheel drive car, the drawable curves are convincing. Not only do you know the wide 4×4 sculpting that some SUVs do, which instantly drives torque forward into reverse steering and completes the fun.

The Mustang Mach-E GT caught my attention by the fact that the 2.3-ton and a half car that isn’t a bit sporty in its basics can be affected by efforts to drift with it. Here it was almost possible to do counter-steering almost here, and I wouldn’t know much of a high-performance crossover that could be tried for acceleration.

If we get bored of driving, on the highway, a car with adaptive cruise control (ACC) and lane-keeping support with steering will adjust on its own in the amount of time it takes. The ACC also provides a plug-in function, where the vehicle starts and stops with the line.

Weightlifting - Test the Ford Mustang Mach-E GT 145

Air curtain reduces air resistance

When cornering, adaptive damping stabilizes the chassis well, but the comfort of the car’s suspension is moderate in the extreme. It deserves a smoother, smoother run because it’s not the big corner champ who has to rock it on city roads that way.

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In the video, the Mustang Mach-E GT accelerates

The video will start after the ad

In terms of highway access, below is an interesting video that shows the ground gas at 3,969.8 km in a Mustang Mach-E GT, and at a short speed the car reaches an initial deviation limit of 200, 206 km/h. According to the video, the car lost a range of 7 kilometers at 1.4 kilometers.

Still, it’s great to travel with, with only a mild comment. At this level, even an electric car can create the thermal comfort you’d expect when I’m driving in peace and not have to be affected by climate control. Since the automatic blower has three intensities, it is enough to switch them if nothing is perfect.

All this is accompanied by deathly silence, even at full speed. The demanding sound system can prevail in the quiet cabin. Seat comfort is below average at this level. Not bad, but the already 31 million car should have lumbar support that is not only stretchable and soft, but also height-adjustable.

Weightlifting - Test the Ford Mustang Mach-E GT 146

HUF 22126000 for the upcoming Ford Mustang Mach-E with 269 horsepower and rear-wheel drive. The Mach-E GT has a volume of HUF 31296000

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