Testimony of Majka's wife who was attacked by Covid again?

Testimony of Majka’s wife who was attacked by Covid again?

It really does seem that poor Major Hagnet may have had the virus attack again, right before New Year’s Eve, because he had completely different plans.

Major Hajni is very good at conveying his ideas, he writes with distinction, we can almost see the lines he is formulating before us. Now, however, we’re not happy that he was talking about something that’s already starting to affect people’s brains, where the virus can be detected over and over again.

On his official Instagram page, Al-Hajni described how he feels now and why he was alone in the room. Hopefully we can get over this soon, but it clearly came at exactly the wrong time, at a very unfortunate moment. Get better and persevere Hajni!

“I thought I wouldn’t have time to write a year-end post, to expose any suitable photo for the day! I thought I would be too busy with this anyway, because my family and I were watching movies and anecdotes.”

Majka is infinitely proud, and for good reason

“We’re dancing, listening to music, having a drink, and getting excited to go to a party tonight at home, my brothers and friends will be there and my kids can stay up for as long as they can!”

“I didn’t have enough time because I still had to pre-wash my hair, put makeup on myself, choose what clothes to wear, what boys to wear … I even had to cook lentils because it was our custom to have them on New Year’s Eve. We eat! Mandatory “, Hajni wrote a in office.

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