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Tesla Smart Pet Feeder – Rotating Stage

Tesla Smart Pet Feeder – Rotating Stage

We got a scheduled feeder for young animals for testing, which young animals receive with suspicion.


I have a dog. Half of my cat too. AliceWake also has a kitten, as does Dani Virág. So when the Tesla Smart car (which it has nothing to do with till then To Tesla, she indicated that we might try devices from her smart home products specifically for pets, and we didn’t object. It was more a matter of who would hand things over, but in the end I brought it in because the cat lives halfway down one level from the other projections of my family, who tend to entrust us with feeding when they leave somewhere for a few days. The Tesla Smart Pet Feeder Spin is designed to solve this problem. In principle, feeding a cat does not seem like a lot of effort, but we also tend to leave for a few days.


Let’s start right away with the fact that the product can basically make enough food for normal sized small dogs and cats simply because of the size limitations. It is a large saucer that does not fly but rotates, and this rotation allows the animal to access a portion of the input at a time, while the device can hold a total of six portions of food and make them available to the four-legged animal on a schedule.


‘Smart’ is very basic, because everything that can be connected to a phone is really ‘smart’ these days, and equipment can jump to that level. The app can be downloaded for Android and iOS, which uses Bluetooth technology to establish a connection between the pad and a mobile phone. There’s no big explanation: you can specify the exact time when the device can be set, which has to be plugged into a socket, but there’s also a battery tray at the bottom so that the cat on the user’s side won’t get the food out without it in the event of a power outage. All of this can also be easily configured using the buttons at the top of the tray, so the Bluetooth connection helps only to the extent that entering times on the phone screen is a few orders of magnitude easier than entering the time on the device itself, but since it does not have WiFi it is not possible Remotely bypass the dosing schedule.

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