Last summer, the Model S Plaid, Tesla’s most powerful Model to date, was introduced. At the time of its release, a top speed of 322 km / h was promised, but since then the model has been edited by software, so the maximum that it can officially do is 262 km / h. By purchasing the track mode, it can be increased to 282 km / h.

Some people don’t go that far: the Canadian tuning company Ingenext hacked the S Plaid, thanks to software modifications, it is already capable of a speed of 348 km / h, which exceeds the limit previously announced by Elon Musk. by default, Lamborghini Aventador SVJ It is considered one of the most famous supercars of the last decade McLaren B1 It is still considered a similar maximum speed.

The company’s CEO, Guillaume André, tried the “pampered” Tesla on the 3-kilometre runway at Trois-Rivières Airport. The aforementioned record was achieved at nearly 2 kilometers, and although the modifications were not detailed, they revealed that the experiment was conducted using racing brakes and tires suitable for higher speeds.

The Electric According to his article, a Tesla, or even a mass-produced electric car, has never been this fast before, and no matter how much the Tesla S Plaid sounds like a supercar, it’s actually a four-door family sedan. In fact, even higher speeds have already been achieved with an electric sedan: in 2017, it appeared Lucid Air His prototype exploded at a speed of 378 km / h.