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Tesla has revealed how it calculates range

Tesla has revealed how it calculates range

Calculating range is difficult for purely electric cars, but even for vehicles with an internal combustion engine. Countless factors can affect a vehicle’s efficiency, regardless of whether it is powered by an electric or conventional motor. However, it is important to note that accurate range prediction can save us a lot of hassles and range fumes.

Tesla has long been a leader in efficient, long-range electric vehicles. Despite this, there are still issues with the Texas-based automaker’s outlook.

When a Tesla owner gives the navigation system a route, the answer is an estimate of how much energy the car will consume while getting from the starting point to the destination. However, this sometimes does not necessarily match what the driver would expect based on the car’s official range data.

In recent years, Tesla has paid more and more attention to ensuring that the range of its cars is as close as possible to the specified values. After continuous updates, Tesla has now announced the factors that its electric cars take into account when calculating each trip and to what extent the battery power is still sufficient.

  • wind speed and direction,
  • The height and extent of the road,
  • traffic speed,
  • average acceleration and deceleration,
  • ambient temperature,
  • Air humidity and air pressure,
  • The amount of sunlight or the amount of clouds,
  • Initial battery charge rate,
  • Initial battery temperature,
  • The gross weight of the vehicle is
  • rolling resistance,
  • pull factor,
  • Cooling, heating and air circulation consumption,
  • Consumption caused by bicycles or other goods,
  • Battery status.
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