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Tesla could get into trouble if it turns out that she's been lying all along

Tesla could get into trouble if it turns out that she’s been lying all along

Back in 2016, along with Autopilot 2.0, the video was released that Tesla is still using to prove for over 5 years that it has all the hardware needed in its cars for fully autonomous mode.

The only problem with that is that the recording has been heavily tampered with, according to former employees of the New York Times.

According to them, the car was previously equipped for filming, the entire track was designed and loaded into the car system, but even then the self-driving program crashed, and it was later released from public registration. Elon Muskot so he can. It should be made public, as the video claims much more than what the system already knows, but the head of the company ignored their opinion. The same thing happened when the engineers left the radar completely out of order on higher orders, because if a man could drive with only his eyes, a car could have cameras.

For the report, 19 former employees were interviewed, and they all said the same thing, regardless of each other.

The people at the New York Times also contacted Elon Musk and Tesla’s legal department about the matter, but received no response because the video remained public.

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