Tesla, connected to an autopilot, collided with a police car

Tesla, connected to an autopilot, collided with a police car

Local police said, at dawn on Wednesday, a Tesla Model Y collided with a Michigan police car that had driven to the scene with a car and a deer on I-96. Carscopes.

It is true that the police Dodge Charger partially closed the outside lane, but at the same time its hallmarks were in operation. Tesla has been known to switch to autopilot mode, but that doesn’t save the 22-year-old driver from the consequences either.

Especially for driving with a canceled license, which can be charged a fine of $ 500, or more than 150,000 Ft, but can be sentenced to up to 93 days in prison. He’s already received a $ 400 fine, just over 120,000 Ft for a civil violation, and two penalty points were scored in his driver’s license.

As can be seen in the photos released by the police, the right front part of the Tesla car, from the bumper to the A-pillar, was damaged, while in the case of the charger, the left rear of the car was spectacularly damaged.

So far, Tesla’s autopilot system is controversial, especially in terms of the name, as the manufacturer has repeatedly emphasized that advanced AI-based technology centered on vision and design requires active management oversight, but some seem reluctant to admit this. This has already resulted To a fatal tragedy is being.

He was one of the first to come up with a misleading name and lack of knowledge of details Sleeping while driving, But there were also those who wanted it with autopilot Save minutes for breakfast, But some felt empowered to do more hair-raising stunts:

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For now, a more thorough investigation is needed to determine whether the twenty-year-old was right to crash with Tesla while on autopilot.

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