Terézváros Concrete Sea enriched with green oasis

Terézváros Concrete Sea enriched with green oasis

VI. Area. The square awaits those wishing to relax, read or talk, with flower beds planted with plants and public furniture, Writes The Facebook page of the municipality of Teresvaros.

Theme park rosesSource: © Image Editor, 2021 / Terézváros / Facebook

Rózsakert Amusement Park is located at 51-53 Rózsa utca. It was formed at the entrance to the common garden in No. The park was delivered in September on a rainy day with programs, when street art artist Daniel Rubazzo began painting a mural with the participation of the participants. According to a Facebook post, the work has been completed and admired in the garden since last week.

Daniel Robazo also engaged the opening attendees while Petroska played the music.Source: © Image Editor, 2021 / Terézváros / Facebook

According to Mayor Tamás Soproni and a businessman, Budapest desperately needs similar little islands, where you can sit down to read, play board games or just meditate on things from the world. Not only in Terézváros, but also in the city center, there are a few such places, Tell at the opening. He also announced that a similar park was planned to replace a house to be demolished at 47/B Vörösmarty Street. Moreover, they want to create green areas planted with plants everywhere in Terézváros, wherever possible.

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