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When Princess Diana died in 1997, Sir Elton John, sharing the royal family’s pain, sang his Requiem originally dedicated to Marilyn Monroe. Kylie Minogue in 2018 II. He sang at Queen Elizabeth’s birthday. However, both of them have now declined an invitation to attend the coronation ceremony, along with other stars.

Third. Charles’ coronation Held in Windsor as part of the for a party on Sunday The best of the world of music Honest invitation Because, however, many people rejected it. Elton Johnthe Spice Girls, Adele, Kylie Minogue And Harry Stiles Also while away They voted.

official explanations and from different sources The reasons given attributed absences to various causes.

The shining company for the coronation ceremonyChris Jackson

Sir Elton John He was currently in Germany where two stops of his European tour He could only fit into a performance with great difficulty, like this He was forced to resign the invitation.

Harry Stiles He held a concert in Tokyo at the end of March, and up to his next concert in mid-May Other offers are not accepted. According to the news, it was also partly because there were hurdles in organizing the right people during this busy period.

the For the Spice Girls Although he has long been a fan of The Newly Crowned III. Karolyi explained the absence of the “girls’ team” with the lack of necessary rehearsals.

He was an honorary Briton for many years Kylie Minogue She’s a loyal supporter of the royal family, which she’s shown many times, but Kylie is also a patriotic Australian. Therefore, according to some speculations, the reason for his absence is in Australia in recent years Ownership is becoming more and more remote from his foundation.

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Adele He simply referred to his busy schedule.

There are still world class performers at the coronation ceremony

There are still world class performers at the coronation ceremonyChris Jackson / Getty Images Hungary

Those who, in the end, took care of a good mood: Lionel Richie and Katy Perry the Take thisor even Andrea Bocelli In any case Majestic atmosphere they created.

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