TEOL – Obligation to report the address of residence

Another type of address is a place of residence, otherwise known as a temporary address. Place of residence is an address where a person resides for more than 3 months, without wanting to leave his place of residence permanently. So it can only be our place of residence if we also have a permanent place of residence next to it.

In addition to the residential address, there is also the notification address, which is nothing more than an address other than the residential address declared by someone as contact information. The address for notice can be not only the address of the apartment, but also, for example, the address of the post office. The notification address is listed in the official register, but does not appear on the residence address card.

According to the law containing the residence address registration rules, it is necessary to report the residence address or change it within three working days from the date of departure or relocation. Reporting is not only an option, but also an obligation. The legislation does not impose fines or other negative consequences for failure to report. However, it is worth bearing in mind that false or misleading statements of addresses can also constitute forgery of public documents.

It is also important to correctly report our residential address, because this is the address where official bodies and authorities can communicate with us. If we do not report the change of address in the official record, and the authorities do not recognize our new address from anywhere else, official letters sent to our no longer existing former address may also be deemed delivered. If the post office returns the official letter to the sender marked “not searched” from the previous address, it should be considered received. The change must be notified separately to the service providers with whom we have a contract.

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