Tensions are high in Northern Ireland over Brexit - Is Irish Unification Looming?

Tensions are high in Northern Ireland over Brexit – Is Irish Unification Looming?

It may be a violation of the principles of the Good Friday Peace Agreement in Northern Ireland in 1998 and the opening of another “dangerous Pandora’s box” in the Northern Ireland political crisis if the European Union does not make major changes to the provisions of the Brexit Protocol. In Northern Ireland. She said A few days ago, David Campbell, president of the Trade Union Council, a group of Protestant paramilitary organizations loyal to the British Crown.

Unionist parties believe that the Protestant community has been damaged by the Brexit agreement, which, in their view, separated Northern Ireland from the rest of the United Kingdom by introducing de facto borders. In order not to undermine the provisions of the Good Friday Agreement, which is already favorable to the Catholic community, and which guarantees the free interoperability of the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland.

In Northern Ireland, in the three decades before the 1998 Peace Agreement, clashes between Catholics fighting for reunification with Ireland and Protestants loyal to the British crown killed more than 3,600 people. Hence, addressing the situation in Northern Ireland was one of the most problematic issues in the nearly four-year Brexit negotiations over the terms of the UK’s exit from the European Union.

The article focuses on the following topics:

  • The new internal borders have caused empty shelves in supermarkets
  • Northern Ireland’s economy could benefit from this special situation
  • The referendum on Irish unity came to the fore

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