Tennis: It follows a completely different type of match - Fucsovics

Tennis: It follows a completely different type of match – Fucsovics

As is well known, in the first round of the ATP 500 Tennis Championships in Rotterdam, Marton Foxovic defeated American Riley Obelka in the final set, putting him in the top 16. He interviewed MTI after the match.

Martin Vosovic (Photo: Getty Images)

The Hungarian player struggled his way to the main table from the qualifiers and, as he put him up against MTI on Tuesday, turned out to be a good decision to finally start the qualifiers for the Dutch match. He added that the fact that he started his first round match at 10:30 pm is by no means perfect, but at the same time he loves the evening matches.

Fucsovics actually met a player of similar style at the Australian Open in the person of Milos Raonic, but as he said, a comparison between the two tennis players cannot be made.

“I have no idea that the servo will go meters next to me or you will be able to go in and somehow direct the ball back to the field, and then wait again for the next Obelka hit to land in a corner of my field or meters behind a line. Now let’s put everything in a beaker, We shook very well, and we are trying to find out which one will come from it. “ – The tennis player from Nyíregyháza felt fighting against the tallest player in the men’s field, Obelka 211 cents.

Fucsovics in the second round is probably the Spaniards Roberto Bautestaval Encounter: “There is a completely different kind of match with Roberto, With long passes of the ball and well-crafted finishes I don’t know if I’m going to win, but I’m sure I’ll have fun in the game ” – Tell.

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ATP 500 Championship, Rotterdam ($ 2,098,480, hard track)
Round 1 (To reach the sixteenth)
Foxofix – Obelka (American) 7: 6 (7-2), 6: 7 (4-7) 7: 6 (7-4)
Nisekori (Japanese) – Auger-Aliasim (Canadian, 7) 7: 6 (7-4), 6: 1
Nuri (British) – Basilasville (Georgian) 6: 0, 6: 3
Murray (Brett) – Haas (Netherlands) 2: 6, 7: 6 (7-2), 6: 3

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