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Tennis: I got the most out of the Australian Open – Vosovic

Márton Fucsovics claims he’s on the right track, he’s also made progress in his fitness setting, and he’s back home from Melbourne with positive emotions.

Martin Vosovic has published everything about himself (Photo: AFP)


Rafael Nadal is recovering
“I didn’t train on Friday, my back injury was treated and it was Saturday the first day of the week when I felt better. Now, maybe more than a victory, I’m glad I was able to move and serve more freely, the pain has decreased dramatically. Of course, nobody wants to play behind.” Doors are closed, but this is not the right moment to forget the pandemic. We must take responsibility for our actions, Australia is one of the best examples in the world, and I have the utmost respect for that country. “

Ashley Barty is positive
“Of course I really miss the Australian fans, but there’s also something positive about it: I love hearing the sound of the ball hitting and bouncing off the field, which is what I have had the opportunity to do.”

Fabio Funini is honest
“I absolutely don’t mind the race going on behind the closed gates from midnight on Saturday as I set off against Australia. It was my best performance this year – I’m going to be 34 slowly, and I’m going to see if I’m in good shape. I’ve been running for a month and a half after” Ankle surgery last year, and now I’m playing the eighth final with Rafael Nadal, who won all he can in the sport, so I’m very happy. I wonder if I’m physically ready for such a challenge. “

– How do you feel?
“Huh, after the match, I lay on my bed at night, I was in a lot of pain, but the next morning the site got worse.” I was so tired, I fired myself All – a response to the National Sports Authority Mr. Martin Vosovic, Who answered why we were unable to arrive on Friday after losing 7: 6, 5: 7, 6: 2, 6: 2 in the third round of the Australian Open in 3 hours and 13 minutes by Milos Raonic, the 14th Canadian distinguished.

– This is the physical part. And spiritually?
I have no sense of inferiority, because I really played everything myself, I struggled from first point to last, so I came home with positive experiences, and got the most out of the Australian Open.

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After the meeting, he mentioned that his thighs, hips and shoulders were in pain. Do you have an injury that you should worry about?
“No, thankfully none of it is severe, it’s just muscle aches, not stretches or tears.

Several leading contestants spoke before the tournament that the faster-than-usual cap favored larger dealers like Raonic. How can the Canadians arrest him?
I think my perceptions and tactics were good, we saw that in the second group, but I was close to her also in the first group. I would need to be fit, not stand up to him after two wins fivefold. In general, I don’t think I’m ashamed to pick him up from Raonic, he’s always behind the best players, mostly because of his support, but he did very well against me in the first place. We played twice on turf before, and I didn’t win a game either, they beat me very smoothly, and now we were in a completely different game. Obviously, the toss would have been a lot more favorable if I had gotten something else between thirty-two, not a member’s property, but someone with whom one could play ball.

– Are you mentally tired?
After the third set, I felt yes. I was under a lot of pressure because I knew with his huge support that if he plays the serve match the match will be gone. But regardless, I left all my strength on the field, fighting until the last ball.

He defeated the top twenty competitors in each of the four Grand Slam tournaments last year, something Novak Djokovic, Raphael Nadal and Dominic Thiem have been unable to do. However, the big breakthrough, by reaching the quarter-finals of the Grand Slam, still failed. Do you think you are on the right path?
– definitely yes! That’s a good ride, and my team and I talked after the match about not getting into the worst Grand Slam. Things shouldn’t be urged, for example, to be among the top eight this year – we need to work as hard as we’ve done so far. In a big competition, a lot of success depends on a lot, for example I can get Roland Garoson Nadal, the US Open and Djokovic in the first round …

You can get it from the airport

Looking at the case numbers, it seems surprising, but it is almost certain that Mikhail Prvularakis “brought” the Coronavirus from Australia to South Africa. The Greek player was in the ATP Cup in Melbourne, where he got a negative result in the test several times, but showed positive upon reaching the Challenge Championship in South Africa, although he did not leave the quarantine hotel.

On the part of the sports community, she complained about the horrific conditions, the very small room with no TV and air conditioning, the appalling care, but the Australian health authorities are more concerned with how she contracted the virus. Experts say there may be a link between Pervularacis and an infected person working in a Melbourne airport café, but there is no evidence yet that the Greek has met the employee.

After the accident, Pervularakis’ ATP Cup teammate Stefan Sebast and his staff were tested off-line, but all of them came back negative.

“Obviously, after two out of five games, it’s very hard not to tire of the next round, but we can see from the front line members that they can do that too. How are you preparing for fitness?
– However, in a series of five matches, only major matches, such as Nadal or Tim, can win, but they don’t see enough to be able to do it four or five times in a row. I am constantly advancing on this, too, with the help of my team, I prepared a lot better even after the second five than I was at the US Open last year after leading against Gregor Dimitrov. After two four-hour matches against the Raoniccs, I also spent three hours on the field, and managed to win a set. I started to feel a lot tired in the middle of the third game, and then minor injuries appeared as well.

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Was it a difficult decision to step back in the doubles and not play the first role with Attila Balaz?
“Yes, but that was the right step, because if I had stood, I would have been more tired than Raonic.” In this case, I must give myself a chance to enter the field with the best condition one by one.

– What’s Next?
– After a few days of rest, we will continue to work, and my next tournament will be in Rotterdam from March 1, where I have to play the qualifiers according to the current position, because everyone has his name, a very strong stadium is expected. Then comes Doha, Dubai and Miami.

– Then you are traveling the world again.
Yes, but after six months of compulsory rest last year, I also missed traveling and racing.

You bothered your coach – he won

He finally won the seventh match with five matches in his career Daniel Medvedev Moreover, the success of the seventeenth episode (!) In the series against Serbian Philip Krajinovi was – but not only because of this, the production of the Russian class on Saturday was special.

The 24-year-old tennis player interrupted his French coach Gilles Servara, who was carrying his bag, and left his home in the fourth half in several languages, floating around and never returning.

“I don’t know what was on his mind, but he said he was sure I would win the match and went out to leave me alone and calm down. There were tense moments, we both always want to win.” Medvedev said at the press conference that benefited from the specialist’s departure after winning the final 6-0. We’ll talk about it in the locker room, but I don’t think there will be a problem between us.

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